Right Start Capital is actively seeking to acquire a controlling interest in a privately-held, profitable and growing company in the Mid-Atlantic region. We will evaluate each opportunity based on the following criteria:

Company Characteristics

  • Privately held
  • Based in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • $500K-2 million in EBITDA
  • Cash flow positive
  • Strong reputation
  • 3+ years of steady growth and profitability
  • Scalable with untapped growth opportunities
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strong employee relations
  • A majority ownership stake available for purchase

Situational Criteria

  • Existing owner seeking exit or willing to accept a more focused role
  • Entrepreneur or investors seeking to divest non-core operation(s)
  • Strong mid-level management but resource-constrained enterprise
  • Owner looking for committed entrepreneurs to continue to advance the mission of the company

Industry Characteristics

  • Projected long-term growth
  • Target market larger than $1 billion in revenue
  • Fragmented market; multiple small to medium competitors
  • Diverse customer base with high retention

Where We Do Not Invest

  • New ventures
  • Asset and capital intensive businesses such as heavy manufacturing and real estate
  • Research-intensive businesses such as pharmaceuticals
  • Restaurants, franchises, janitorial, lawn care, and other similar services
  • Pure government contractors or companies with project-based revenue streams
  • Minority investments

Right time to exit?

If you’re a broker, intermediary, or owner looking to sell a mid-market business please contact us using our business submission form. 

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