Middle-Market Acquisitions

Right Start Capital is actively seeking to acquire growing middle-market business in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our team is comprised of experienced business professionals focused on operations.  Our objective is to accelerate growth in the business while ensuring business continuity, thereby preserving the legacy established by the previous owners.

Right Start Capital will assume management responsibility for the acquired company.  A skilled and proven business leader will be 100% focused on the success of the acquisition, working on site to lead the management team in the role of President and/or CEO.  We are committed to taking the business to the next level and will work with employees and current owners to ensure a smooth transition.

Right Start Capital does not seek investor return through cost cutting or workforce reduction. Our strategy is to invest in the business, utilizing the talent already in place and supplementing that talent where necessary.

Compelling Owner Exit Opportunity

Right Start Capital is flexible.  We will work with each seller to craft a succession scenario that meets that seller’s needs.  Some sellers wish to stay with their business in some capacity and retain some ownership.  Others wish to completely exit the business and move on with the next phase of their careers.  Right Start Capital is open to all scenarios.

Strategic and Operational Mindset

Our team understands the daily challenges of running a successful business.  We’ve been there before.  As we chart the strategic path for the business, we will be equally focused on business operations and maintaining extremely high standards of customer service.  Our skilled team has a proven record of success managing day-to-day tactical operations while simultaneously positioning businesses for growth.

Long-Term Focus

The goal of Right Start Capital is to sustainably grow the acquired company.  Businesses are not built overnight, and growth does not adhere to artificial timelines.  Sellers can rest assured that short-term returns will not take precedence over long-term success.  Right Start Capital believes that by prioritizing the needs of customers and employees, an acquired business will generate higher long-term returns.

Right time to exit?

If you’re a broker, intermediary, or owner looking to sell a mid-market business please contact us using our business submission form. 

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