About Us

About_US-64478980_300x210Right Start Capital Partners seeks to acquire a growing middle-market business in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our team is comprised of experienced business professionals focused on operations.  Our objective is to accelerate growth in the business while ensuring business continuity, thereby preserving the legacy established by the previous owners.

Right Start Capital Partners will assume management responsibility for the acquired company.  A skilled and proven business leader will be 100% focused on the success of the acquisition, working on site to lead the management team in the role of President and/or CEO.  We are committed to taking the business to the next level and will work with employees and current owners to ensure a smooth transition.

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Investment Criteria

Right Start Capital Partners is actively seeking to acquire a controlling interest in a privately-held, profitable and growing company in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We will evaluate each opportunity based on the following criteria:
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Company Characteristics

  • Privately held
  • Based in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • $500K-2 million in EBITDA
  • Cash flow positive
  • Strong reputation
  • 3+ years of steady growth and profitability
  • Scalable with untapped growth opportunities
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strong employee relations
  • A majority ownership stake available for purchase
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Information for Sellers

For_Sellers_300x210Right Start Capital Partners provides entrepreneurs and business owners a unique opportunity to create liquidity and/or exit a venture.  As business owners ourselves, we recognize the emotional investments entrepreneurs make in their businesses. Legacy is important and Right Start Capital Partners is committed to facilitating a smooth transition without the ‘bumps in the road’ typically encountered with transfers of ownership.  We are interested in long-term success of whatever business we choose to acquire.

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Information for Intermediaries

For_Intermediaries_300x210Right Start Capital Partners welcomes acquisition opportunities from intermediaries.  We recognize the important role that intermediaries play in the market for privately-held businesses.  Right Start Capital Partners will entertain offers to work with a variety of advisors, including business brokers, attorneys, investment bankers, and consultants.


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