Right Start Capital provides entrepreneurs and business owners a unique opportunity to create liquidity and/or exit a venture.  As business owners ourselves, we recognize the emotional investments entrepreneurs make in their businesses. Legacy is important and Right Start Capital is committed to facilitating a smooth transition without the ‘bumps in the road’ typically encountered with transfers of ownership.  We are interested in long-term success of whatever business we choose to acquire.

Single Company Focus

Right Start Capital is interested in acquiring only one business at this time. Our people will be focused entirely on helping to grow the business. Right Start Capital will identify a full-time President/CEO to lead the business. The executive selected will have the experience, commitment, and values necessary to be extraordinarily successful.

No Set Time Horizon

We will not impose unreasonable time restrictions on performance. Each company is different and Right Start Capital will set expectations that take into account each unique situation. Our investors have high return expectations, but will not sacrifice long-term performance for short-term returns. Other acquirers may seek to increase profitability through harsh cost reductions. That is not our approach. Instead, Right Start Capital will invest in your business to help it grow.

Flexible Deal Terms

If your business fits our acquisition criteria, Right Start Capital will make a fair offer. Following the transaction, Right Start Capital encourages your continued involvement with the business if you wish to remain on the payroll or in an advisory capacity. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition. Messaging to key stakeholders, including employees, customers, and business partners, will be clear and transparent throughout the process.

Honest and Fair

Right Start Capital takes pride in conducting business with high performance and ethical standards. Not every business is a fit for our needs. We seek business owners that share our values and wish to make a positive impact in their community. We will remain honest, transparent, and professional throughout the process.

Discreet and Professional

Right Start Capital will approach the acquisition with discretion and professionalism. Our due diligence will be thorough, but you can be confident that we will adhere to strict confidentiality standards throughout the process. We share our findings with you, giving you the opportunity to respond to any observations and provide context.

Experienced Operators

Right Start Capital is a division of the Right Start Group, which also includes Right Start Consulting, a firm that offers business services specific to small and growing businesses. Experienced business builders from Right Start Consulting will also be available to provide project-based assistance on an as-needed basis.

Right time to exit?

If you’re a broker, intermediary, or owner looking to sell a mid-market business please contact us using our business submission form. 

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