For Intermediaries

For_Intermediaries_300x210Right Start Capital Partners welcomes acquisition opportunities from intermediaries.  We recognize the important role that intermediaries play in the market for privately-held businesses.  Right Start Capital Partners will entertain offers to work with a variety of advisors, including business brokers, attorneys, investment bankers, and consultants.


Referral / Finder Fees

We are open to buyer-side fees depending on the transaction.  Throughout the partnership, we will remain responsive and transparent.  We are also open to referral arrangements with other brokers and intermediaries who source winning opportunities.


Timely Transactions

Right Start Capital Partners values our partner’s time. Our focused due-diligence process and access to capital allows us to close transactions quickly.  While not every opportunity will be a fit for Right Start Capital Partners, our team will strive to be responsive throughout the process and make quick decisions.


Flexible Deal Structure

Right Start Capital Partners will work with intermediaries to structure a fair deal for all parties.  We understand that every partner has unique needs, so Right Start Capital Partners’ approach is not “one-size-fits-all.”  We value business relationships, knowing that trusted business partners can be difficult to find.  Right Start Capital Partners looks forward to developing a strong network that can be leveraged for future deals.